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V2.24 Jura and Baden-Württemberg

Thanks to Michael from Schaffhausen thermal spaces for the Jura and Baden-Württemberg were added.

V2.23: New Thermal Spaces for GER and AU

New Thermal Spaces for mid-Germany and Austria were added. Thanks to Andreas and Gustav.

V2.22: New Wave spaces for GER, FR & Pyrenees integreted

The collection sent by Rüdiger is now online.

Video Tutorials & V2.21 released

Video tutorials on how to add new thermal spaces to the map are now available in English and German. Adding new spaces is very easy and can be done quickly using Google-Earth.

English Tutorial
Tutorial German

Furthermore more details were added for German Thermal Spaces, thanks Markus and Benjamin.

V2.20 Bremen / northern Germany

NEW: Google-Maps and Google-Earth Thermal-Spaces are available. Thermal spaces near Bremen were being added, thanks Torben Jacob

V2.19 Austrian-Czech border in more detail

On my last traveling by glider trip I got to know Karli from Linz. He explained the thermal spaces at the CZ-Austrian boarder. Thanks.

V2.18 Poland more detailed with infos from Janusz Centka

A few years ago I got a photo of a thermal map of western Poland made by Janusz Centka. Now I implemented the very detailed thermal spaces to the digital data base.You can find them in the Download menu or in the file-manager of XCSoar.

V2.17: Lithuania was added

Darius Liaugaudas made a thermal map for Lithuania and shared it with us. The map was implemented in Version 2.17 and is available in the download section.

Version 2.16 released

France, Poland and Germany updated. Thanks to Christophe Cousseau, Oskar Straczkowski and Johannes Krakau.


This winter we started a new project. It makes traveling by glider more easy. Please take a look to

Thermal map, hotspots and XCSoar

The thermal map is now even more easily available in XCSoar¹ .

It was added to the File Manager. Hence it must only be setup once, updating the map can be done in seconds.

The same is true for the hotspots. We shifted them to, because it make no sense to have the same thing twice in the internet. Also the openAIP hotspots are included in the File Manager of XCSoar.

[1]: XCSoar ... the open-source glide computer

Version 2.14

The thermal map was extended near Aachen and Hof (Germany). Thanks to Heinz Koch and Helmut Joost.

Wave locations added

After half a year of operation we started to include wave areas as well.

The following mountains are included in the initial database: Weserbergland, Harz, Thueringer Wald, Iron Mountain, Giant Mountains, High Ash Mountains.

Wave lifts strongly depend on wind direction and speed. Thus for different wind there is a different file required to store the lift locations. The pilots can select the right file depending on wind properties and activate it in their navigation software to be able to navigate easily to lift locations. Goal for the future is to include more details in the wave dependency due to wind directions and speed.

Version 2.13

Hotspots and thermal spaces west of Bremen (Germany) were added by Martin Emke.

Thanks Martin.

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