Submit hotspots

Hotspots can be submitted via email ( in the following formats:
  • Turnpoint file
  • Coordinates as text
    You can get coordinates easily from a google satellite picture. Go to google-maps. Find your hotspot location, "right click" on the desired location and select "What is here". Now the coordinates will be shown in the search field on top of the page. These coordinates can be copied to an email to us.

Submit thermal spaces

The easiest method …

for you is to take an old map and mark the thermal spaces with different colours. This map can be sent to us (we send you the address via email) and we will include the thermal spaces.
Alternatively you can make a screen shot of a gliding program map and draw the different areas with a painting program like Paint, Gimp or Inkskape onto the map and send us the picture via email.

The best method …

is using the program StrePla, because here airspaces and thus thermal spaces can be added and adjusted manually. This is great, because satellite pictures can be used to find the exact borders and hotspots. If you don't have StrePla (yet), then you can download it here. StrePla can be used for free up to 30 days, which is plenty of time to set your thermal spaces.

Here we would like to thank StrePla for this great program. Without StrePla setting the thermal spaces would be much more difficult.

This is how it works:
  1. go to the airspaces sheet on the left and activate it. Now you can see a list of airspaces.
  2. Right click into the list an select "add airspace"
  3. Select a name (e.g. TS_NAME123) and FL99 as upper and FL98 as lower limits.
  4. Strepla adds a 4 corner airspace. The corners can be selected and moved to the desired positions. More points can be added by clicking on the airspace boarder lines.
  5. Export the airspaces as OpenAir-Format and email the file to
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