Topology of the Alps (from Late-Night-Soaring)

Thermal Spaces)

Wave Spaces

Open Airspace Format

Airspace A and B have to be switched on in your gliding software in order to see the thermal spaces. Colour and transparency can be adjusted according to your requirements. Wave spaces are stored as Echo airspaces, please make sure you display them if needed.

Hotspots / Waypoints

Hotspots as waypoints can be found and shared by

Old thermal maps as pictures

A collection of older thermal maps can be downloaded here (.zip - file) .

Travel by glider waypoints

Unfortunately the travel by glider plattform died after 10 years, because I missed updating to a newer software version. Nethertheless the 400 airports, who registered, can still be downloaded as a waypoint file including details. The details file can be loaded into XCsoar are being read using a text editor.

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