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Australia ;)

Australian contributor @JoeyGlide today sent us highly detailed thermal information for his country via Twitter:

Version 2.11

Details for Czech Republic were added to the thermal map.

Thanks to Roman Mracek .

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Version 2.10

The thermal map range was increased. New areas are parts of England, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

Thanks to: Gerrard Dale, Sebastian Kawa, Petr Krejcirik, Adam Czeladzki, Dariusz Czech, Marek Sawczuk, Krzysztof Owsiany, Marek Godlewski, Andras Gyongyosi, Zoltan Suranyi, Tamas Ferenc, Benjamin Schuech und Klaus-Peter Merboth.

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Printable Version of the thermal map

From today on, there is a printable version of the thermal map, filed under downloads.

The PDF is prepared for printing size A3 but vectorized and can be printed in any size.

Direct Donwload (PDF, 2MB) goes online

Today thermal spaces Version V2.00 goes online. The first Version was based on Carsten Lindemann thermal map. Now data provided by Ingo Trentlj, Guenther Leineweber and Steffen Kludt was included. The current files contain

  • 75 good/very good thermal spaces
  • 19 bad/very bad thermal spaces
  • 60 Hotspots
More information can be found in: Introduction

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